Friday, August 9, 2013

Why Ramzan is celebrated?

Ramzan also known as Id-ul-fitr. Ramzan is a holy month for Muslims. It is celebrated on 1st of 'Shawaal'. Shawaal is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar which comes immediately after the month of Ramdan (one of the name of twelve months of the Muslim calendar year). 

Ramzan means the 'festival of breaking the fast'. Fitra is derived from the word 'fatar' means 'breaking'.

It is believed that Quran, the holy book of Muslims, was revealed in this month.

In the whole month of Ramzan, the muslims fast (Roza) during the day (even without drinking water). During this month men spend their time in prayer and reading holy book 'Quran'. They have their food only at night after the sunset. As said in the Quran, on this day people should give charitable gift to needy people as thanksgiving. They believe that if anyone does not give alms (charitable gifts) will not able to be in heaven. So someone who is not able to keep 'Rozas', even he can also be able to give charitable gifts and it must be excess of one's essential need.

In the morning after getting a bath and they wear new and clean clothes and go to mosque for Id prayers. Men usually wear white clothes as white symbolise purity. Even women attend the Namaz in special chambers. In mosque people exchange greetings with each other. They go to 'Qazi' (priest) to conduct a prayer after giving their alms. 

After prayers there will be a family get together. Elders give their 'idi' (blessings) to the youngsters. They visit their relatives and friends and greet everyone with 'Id Mubarak' (Happy Id). Even they send greeting card to each other. Then, they go for shopping. Women prepare sweets at home. 'Shir Khurma', most popular sweet made of vermicelli and milk. 

Ramzan id is a festival of showing love, care and brotherhood to each other. It is a thanksgiving day for them and on this day Muslims expresses their goodwill for all.

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