Thursday, August 22, 2013

 Answers for GK questions asked on 21/08/2013

1.            In India, who is the head of Armed Forces?
               The President of India.

2.            Where is Mount Everest situated?

3.            When speaking about computers, how many bytes are there in 1 KB?
                 1024 bytes

4.            McMahon Line demarcates the boundary between the countries __________ and ____________.
                 India and Chaina

5.            What is the minimum age limit for presidential candidate?
                 It is 35 years

6.            Who chairs the Rajya Sabha?
                Vice President

7.            Who approves the five year plan?
                  National Development Council.

8.            Which country is known as ‘Land of thunder bolt’?

9.            IGNOU means…
                 Indhira Gandhi National Open University.

10.          What is the normal heart beat in a human being?

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