Friday, April 26, 2013


Call Taxi in Chennai with Phone Numbers:-
1.Fast Track Call Taxi, Phone No.-28889999,24732020
2.Shruti Call Taxi, Phone No.-23453455
3.Yes Yes Call Taxi, Phone No.-26258080
4.Porur Call Taxi, Phone No.-9840181807
5.Subam Call Taxi, Phone No.22434104
6.Sreedevi Call Taxi, Phone No.24362799/24341297/24348775
7.Quick Call Taxi, Phone No.26611888,26611771
8.Muthupriya Call Taxi,Phone No.28511299/28258535
9.Uma Call Taxi, Phone No.24732685
10.Ravi and Brothers, Phone No.22333623
11.Sri Annai Call Taxi, Phone No.22314422,22316768
12.Zig Zag Cool Taxi, Phone No.2474996611.
13.Ravi and Brothers Call Taxi, Phone No.22332395
14.Sri Kamatchi Call Taxi, Phone No.22212373
15.Om Shakti Call Taxi, Phone No.22334141
16.Sri Kalki Call Taxi, Phone No.24315222,24315444,24315555
17.U Call Taxi ,Phone No.22201555
18.Sri Murugan Call Taxi, Phone No.26486222
19.Pallava Call Taxi, Phone No.22412624
20.Dharini Call Taxi,Phone No.24827474,32027474
21.Good Track Call Taxi,Phone No.24762020
22.Barathi Call Taxi, Phone No.2814 2233
23.Just Call Taxi, Phone No.
24.Besant Call Taxi,Phone No.
25.Chennai Call Taxi,Phone No.25984455
26. Friends Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-26256565,26252020
27. City Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-24768686
28. Easy Call Taxi,Phone No.-26201111
29. Adyar Call Taxi,Phone No.-24467777
30. Avadi Call Taxi,Phone No.-
31. Ashok Nagar Call Taxi, Phone No.-
32. Friends Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-
33. Sneha Call Taxi,Phone No.-
34. Life Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-23644888, 22446666
35. Saravana Call Taxi, Phone No.- 24868686
36. Golden Call Taxi, Phone No.- 26580055
37. Jeyam Call Taxi,Phone No.- 22494848
38. Chennai Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-
39. Chennai Central Call Taxi, Phone No.-23453456
40. Taxi 7,Phone No.-23453456
42. Royal Track Call Taxi,Phone No.-43800505
43. Shakti Vinayaka Call Taxi ,Phone No.-9884239689
44. Sri Ganapati Call Taxi,Phone No.-9840504066
45. Apple Call Taxi,Phone No.-23701144
46. Comfort Call Taxi,Phone No.-28364040
47. Royal Friends Call Taxi,Phone No.-04422239090

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